Apple WWDC Event 2023: 15-inch MacBook Air Rumors & Latest Updates

Apple WWDC Event 2023: 15-inch MacBook Air Rumors & Latest Updates

It has been leaked that the Apple WWDC event 2023, which is just a month away, may feature several new products and updates, including the introduction of

  • iOS 17
  • 15-inch MacBook Air
  • Mixed Reality headset

Apple is set to reveal the newest version of its operating system, iOS 17, during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5.

As usual, a plethora of leaks and rumors have started circulating online, providing us with some early hints of what to expect.

A credible source (Analyst941), has recently shared several renders of the upcoming iOS 17, indicating that there might be some significant visual changes in store.

Apple WWDC Event: Upcoming iOS 17 Update

iOS 17: What to expect?

In iOS 17 upcoming update we can expect some major changes like Wallpapers, Wallet app, 15-inch MacBook Air, Apple iPadOS 17, etc.

New Wallpapers

As with previous significant iOS updates, iOS 17 is expected to introduce a new grid view for wallpapers that will allow users to view more than nine wallpapers at a time.

This new feature will enable users to easily delete unwanted wallpapers and rearrange the order of their chosen backgrounds.

Moreover, users will be able to swipe up while in single-view mode to duplicate or share their preferred wallpapers.

Wallet app

Based on recent leaks, it appears that the Wallet app in the upcoming iOS 17 will receive a layout overhaul, with a new “All transactions” button.

Categorized tabs were added for different features, such as a separate tab for Apple Cash/Savings.

Additionally, users will be able to perform a universal search by swiping down within the app.

Health App.

According to recent leaks, the Health app in the upcoming iOS 17 may receive a facelift, particularly in its Favourites section.

The new interface is rumored to showcase square tiles that display a range of metrics, including Heart Rate, Activity, Sleep, and Steps, in visually appealing formats such as colorful graphs and tables.

Initially planned as a minor update, iOS 17 may now include some of the most highly anticipated features for iPhones, according to recent leaks.

Among the rumored features are a dedicated Journal app, a Mood Tracker, an upgraded Control Centre, expanded functionality for Dynamic Island, and new features for Apple Music.

Furthermore, there are reports that iOS 17 may enable app sideloading in the EU region.

Mixed Reality Headset

Apple may introduce its much-anticipated AR/VR headset, reportedly codenamed Reality One or Reality Pro, at the upcoming Apple WWDC event, according to leaks.

If these rumors are accurate, it will mark the company’s entry into a new product category.

The headset is expected to feature state-of-the-art technology, including dual 4K micro-OLED displays and numerous cameras to map the environment and track facial expressions, hand gestures, and iris scanning for authentication purposes, among other features.

15-inch MacBook Air

During the Apple WWDC event, Apple may introduce a new version of the MacBook Air with a larger 15.5-inch display powered by the M2 chipset, which will be available in 8-core and 10-core GPU variants.

However, there are no indications that the laptop will be equipped with the M3 chipset at this time.

Apple iPadOS 17

According to rumors, iPadOS 17 is expected to focus on enhancing the multitasking capabilities of iPads, while also adding support for webcams on external monitors to enable users to select their preferred audio output source.

Furthermore, users may be able to resize the dock when using an external display, providing them with easier access to apps without occupying too much screen space.

Additionally, there are reports that all lock screen widgets will be made available on the home screen, giving users more flexibility to customize their iPad experience.

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Expected iOS 17 Features Coming Soon to Your iPhone

  • There are rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro featuring additional settings for its always-on display.
  • One of the expected changes in iOS 17 is the relocation of Siri from the bottom of the iPhone screen to Dynamic Island.
  • iPhone users can anticipate additional filters for focus modes to manage notifications, as well as custom accessibility settings that allow for control over the UI and layout of the device.
  • A new journaling app that allows users to record daily activities is expected in iOS 17, along with UI changes to the Health app, including the “Favorites” interface.
  • iOS 17 may also feature Car Key improvements and more car implementations in the Wallet app, as well as changes to the Camera app, ARKit APIs/frameworks, and heavily improved features for Search and Spotlight. Overall, the iOS 17 update is anticipated to significantly enhance the iPhone user experience.

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