Best Coins to Invest for the Upcoming Bullrun 2024 | Crypto Coins for Bullrun

Best Coins to Invest for the Upcoming Bullrun 2024 | Crypto Coins for Bullrun

Welcome, crypto enthusiasts, where we delve into the promising world of cryptocurrency investments.

In this article, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind potential 1000x gainers in the current bull market. Market Overview and Bull Run Predictions.

Before we dive into the highlighted projects, let’s discuss the overall crypto market and the reasons behind the anticipated bull run.

The market stands at a crucial juncture, with transformative developments on the horizon.

Factors such as the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, the potential for an Ethereum ETF, the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, Ethereum’s Dencon upgrade, and the unpredictability introduced by the US presidential election all contribute to an environment conducive to a bull run.

Best Entry and Exit Strategies

Techy Facts emphasizes the importance of choosing the right entry and exit strategies.

For entry, two primary approaches are suggested: dollar-cost averaging (DCA) and setting buy-in targets.

DCA involves investing a fixed amount at regular intervals, reducing the impact of market volatility. On the other hand, setting buy-in targets involves waiting for potential dips to enter at lower prices, suitable for more active investors.

Taking profits, arguably the most challenging aspect of crypto is discussed.

we recommend setting multiple take-profit targets based on personal entries and sticking to them, regardless of market emotions.

This disciplined approach helps investors secure profits during upward price movements.

Note: We, Techy Facts aren’t financial advisors, so we are not responsible for whatever profit or losses you make.


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Best Coins to Invest for the Upcoming Bullrun

Best Coins to Invest for the Upcoming Bullrun

Now, let’s explore some potential crypto gems highlighted in the video:

Injective (INJ):

  • Blockchain is designed for finance with a decentralized order book.
  • Built on the Cosmos SDK, offering instant transaction finality.
  • Cross-chain compatibility and growing ecosystem.

Caspa (CSPA):

  • Proof-of-work crypto with a unique DAG structure.
  • Emphasizes high throughput and low latency.
  • Positioned for adoption amid the Bitcoin halving event.

Decentra Card (DCARD):

  • Decentralized store enabling the purchase of gift cards and prepaid debit cards with crypto.
  • Strong partnerships, including one with Google Cloud.
  • Potential for increased adoption and revenue share.


  • Crypto project using AI technology to simplify and enhance crypto engagement.
  • AI-driven chatbot platform for customized data learning.
  • Integration with social media platforms for consistent customer support.

Xcad Network (XCAD):

  • Revolutionizing YouTube content interaction through a watch-to-earn concept.
  • Creator tokenization platform for earning rewards.
  • Involvement of prominent YouTubers and strategic partnerships.

Crown (CRW):

  • Official utility token of Photo Finish Live, the official game of the Kentucky Derby.
  • Decentralized track ownership model in digital horse racing.
  • Integration with NBC Sports and partnerships with gaming industry leaders.

NeoTokyo Bytes (BTES):

  • Token behind Alex Becker’s Web3 project.
  • Collaboration with major developers in crypto gaming.
  • Expected to gain momentum during the crypto gaming bull run.


  • AI-driven tool for identifying profitable cryptocurrency opportunities.
  • Rewards and governance rights for token holders.
  • Potential for significant gains in the AI and Telegram sniping narrative.

Games for a Living (GOUL):

  • Native currency and utility token for the Games for a Living platform.
  • Offers unique gaming experiences and digital collectibles.
  • Backed by a strong team with experience in the gaming industry.

Planet (PLA):

  • Cryptocurrency project addressing pollution in the tech sector.
  • Collaboration with Inter Miami football team and potential promotion by Messi.
  • Expected to gain widespread recognition with celebrity collaborations.

Jupiter (JUP):

  • Solana swaps platform processing substantial transaction volumes.
  • Comprehensive DeFi protocol with advanced features.
  • Poised for significant adoption as Solana’s ecosystem grows.

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LimeWire (LIME):

  • Reshaping the creator economy through membership-based communities.
  • Utilizes blockchain technology for ownership and trading of exclusive content.
  • Successful strategic pre-sale and partnerships with major backers.

Prisma Finance (PRISM):

  • Focuses on utilizing Ethereum liquid staking tokens to mint a stablecoin (NK USD).
  • Aims to enhance capital efficiency in DeFi.
  • Positioned at the forefront of Ethereum-based financial innovations.

Inspect (INX):

  • Crypto research tool built on top of Twitter.
  • Already used by thousands and is poised for increased adoption.
  • Diversified project portfolio, including a mobile app and advertising platform.

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