Best Crypto Exchange App for Beginners in 2023 | Best Crypto Exchange Guide for Beginners

Best Crypto Exchange App for Beginners in 2023 | Best Crypto Exchange Guide for Beginners

Cryptocurrencies gained more popularity after the Corona era and became the primary asset of investors and traders, which is set to dominate the future, as we all know the future of money in crypto.

Cryptocurrency exchange apps are essential for trading or tracking investments or holdings.

And if you are very new to cryptocurrencies and have no idea about where to start and this is for you

Here we are gonna discuss some of the best and fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange apps for beginners, that is very simple and very convenient for a beginner to use.

Best Crypto Exchange App for Beginners in 2023

1.) WazirX

Best Crypto Exchange App for Beginners in 2023

WazirX is the most trusted and the largest exchange in the crypto market and it is also a unit of Binance group which is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and serves more than 170 countries across the globe.

WazirX’s advanced trading chart makes the interface user-friendly and the trading tools are very advanced,  you can also invest in US, INR, and BTC, and You can Deposit up to 4.99 Lakhs through net banking and withdraw up to 1 lakh per day.

Also, u can start with a minimum amount of Rs. 100 to invest, and WazirX charges 0.2% as their commission on every transaction you make

And If you see the transaction speed, WazirX is super strong, and advanced blockchain technology can manage millions of transactions in a fraction of time and that’s what makes wazirX one the best crypto exchange 

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2.) Binance 

Best Crypto Exchange App for Beginners in 2023

As mentioned above, Binance is the world’s largest and most popular crypto exchange app, well-designed simple interface makes that very convenient for beginners.

Binance Dominate the world of Blockchain technology, Binance charges 0 percent on deposits, and minimum trade is $10 

Binance also provides a super strong security system, and it has a 2-factor authentication to prevent suspicious activity and notifies via Email and also many more features that are very useful to the users 

3.) CoinDCX or CoinDCX Pro 

Best crypto Exchange app for beginners

CoinDCX is one of more best crypto exchange apps where u can purchase popular cryptocurrencies, but the maximum deposit or withdraw amount is 50K  and the minimum amount should be 500Rs.

CoinDCX charges 0.4% for every transaction, The interface of CoinDCX makes it easier for beginners and it is quite popular as well, CoinDCX has gained more than 1.3CR investors.

And it also provides 2-factor authentication which gives you safe and secure transactions and other illegal activities.

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